Zombots are dangerous and highly aggressive enemies encountered towards the end of Phoenotopia and Phoenotopia Awakening. They are humanoid robots who are similar to the friendly Golems seen in some of Castland's cities, but much more hostile and scary-looking. It's unknown who made them or what their original purpose was, but they now reside in the Dread Lands and attack any humans who draw near.

Phoenotopia Edit

In this game, Zombots are found primarily in the Dread Lands and appear sparsely in some parts of the Phoenix Lab.

Zombot Edit

Normal Zombots will walk around aimlessly until Gale gets close enough, after which they will give chase. Zombots are surprisingly fast runners, so if you find one chasing you, don't try to outrun it; instead, try to jump over it as it comes at you. They can be deadly up close as well as from a distance, as they are able to attack by scratching and by spitting acid. The best approach is to sneak up on a Zombot if you can. Once you deal enough damage to a Zombot, it'll shut down and you can destroy it safely.

Scrapped Zombot Edit

These are partially broken Zombots that don't have legs, and thus can't pursue Gale; other than that, Scrapped Zombots are the same as normal ones. This makes them a bit easier to deal with since they can't move at all.

Red Zombot Edit

Red Zombots are a particularly dangerous type of Zombot. They can't spit acid, but are much more aggressive and can run even faster than a normal Zombot. Unlike a normal Zombot, Red Zombots can't be destroyed; dealing enough damage will only cause them to shut down temporalily. The only way to truly defeat a Red Zombot is to push it into a bottomless pit when it's powered down.

Phoenotopia Awakening Edit

All three types of Zombots are set to return in the remake.

Trivia Edit

  • Out of all the enemies returning in the remake, the Zombots are the only enemies to not have their graphics updated. This is because their stiff animations perfectly show off their cold, robotic nature for the killing machines they are.