This blog post is a sequel to my previous one which listed all of my headcanons for the Phoenotopia series. This time, it focuses on Billy's backstory and why he is that he is today. It is exactly similar to Shadow the Hedgrhog's backstory from Sonic Adventure 2/Shadow the Hedgehog, only with a few differences.

When the Great War still occurred between the humans and the Stellanite aliens years before the events of the first game, Dr. Brightstar worked on a short-lived program called "Project Phoenix" in hopes to end the war. While doing this, Brightstar's granddaughter, Sarah, walked around the destroyed village of Ocupaulos (present-day Panselo) until she found a lost baby alien buried inside one of the village's gardens. She called the child "Billy", and adopted it without the knowing of her grandfather. 

Both Sarah and Billy became fast friends only for a short amount of time. She then introduced the alien baby to Brightstar, and he thought that Billy was the one who was going to unlock the hidden true powers of the Galactic Federation. Unfortunately, Sarah was shot and killed by the Stellanite government agents because they thought the Phoenix was a destructive and biologically dangerous weapon to the galaxy whether it be an extraterrestial or a human being. This also caused Brightstar to be taken into custody and executed by them. His last confession was that he dared to take revenge against the Stellanite Planet.

As for Billy, he was sealed into a pod in suspended animation for decades and buried to the ground of Old Ruins, and has since been forgotten about. Decades later, Billy in his pod was found by Phoenix 66, noticing that his body was still in his infant form. 66 then admits that he was one of the people that were involved with Brightstar and his fellow scientists' experiments. Shortly after 66's explanation and the release of Billy, the alien suddenly grew into an adult size much like a praying mantis. His brain also matured and managed to speak. However, he suffers from amnesia, meaning that he can't remember who he was and why he was raised in the first place. However, the fact where his beloved friend Sarah got killed by his own species in front of his eyes was a traumatising event.

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