These are some headcanons that have been going through my mind after playing Phoenotopia for some time. Here are them:

  1. Gale and Kiter's mother Abigail died of a congenital illness. Also, the father is absent and never mentioned because he is divorced and hasn't contacted the family for years.
  1. Ruth and Thomas had a great-great-great-great grandfather named Dr. Jeffrey Brightstar, who was the greatest scientist in the world, and was responsible for the creation of the Phoenix. However, he was arrested by the alien/robot government agents and executed because they found the invention to be destructive to the galaxy.
  1. Prof. Fran might be related to Ruth and Thomas, since they have some strange connections to the Brightstar family.
  1. Islam was passed to Atai City at the same time how the religion got spread around the Middle East centuries ago.

Tbh Gale is a pretty good character to use in pastel pink art. Lol

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