Thomas is a main character who appears in Phoenotopia. He is the Scientist Extraordinaire handpicked by the King himself and plays a major role in the second and third chapters. He is responsible for making contact with Billy through the Golem head. He is also the older brother of Ruth.


Thomas is a tall, thin adult man with pale skin, brown hair and glasses. He also wears a white lab coat.

Events of PhoenotopiaEdit

After freeing Lisa from her debt by capturing and turning in the Bandit Boss, she suggests to Gale that Thomas could help find the adults and that she should go look for him. After passing through Misty Gorge and Crossroads, Gale reaches Thomas's Lab, which is disguised as a tailor shop. Gale figures out how to get into the actual lab, but encounters a giant robot guardian who sees her as an enemy intruder and tries to destroy her. However, Gale subdues the robot and finds Thomas, who at first thinks she's here to "silence" him but then recognizes her and agrees to help. He repairs the golem head and inadvertently makes contact with Billy. Under Billy's guidance, the duo head to the city of Daea to find more help. However, when they spend the night in an inn, Thomas is abducted by the king's guards in the night and taken to the Prince Tower, but is rescued after Gale defeats the Kobold General.


  • It's possible that Thomas may have built the robot guard found in Forgotten Forest, as it is nearly identical to his own.