Teleporters are items seen in Phoenotopia. They are large chambers that are used to, obviously, teleport people between two places. Gale is able to use them to access secret areas and skip over particularly long and grueling areas, although they only appear in a select few spots, granting her little opportunity to do so.

Two Teleporters are seen when the player first enters Ancient Crater. One is linked to the the Phoenix Lab's entrance, and the other is linked to its core (the area just before the Computer Guardian). They become active once Gale reaches the lab's entrance and core, respectively.

Another Teleporter is located in Fran's Lab. It only becomes active after Gale gives Fran 30 Moonstones, after which she will activate it and use it to bring herself and her colleagues to Hidden Village. When Gale uses it, though, she will be taken to Forgotten Forest instead, and must make her way through the forest first to reach Hidden Village.