Switches are a common mechanic across the Phoenotopia games. They can be activated/deactivated by Gale in various ways to interact with the environment, mostly by opening doors to new or secret areas.

Switch Edit

This is the most basic and most common type of Switch, and is found fairly often throughout the games. They can be triggered by any of Gale's attacks (melee weapons, Slingshot, Bombs, Javelin, etc.); hitting a Switch once will activate it, and hitting it again will deactivate it.

Time Switch Edit

This Switch functions the same way as its normal counterpart, but a Time Switch will only stay activated for a set amount of time before deactivating on its own, adding an extra challenge to getting through an area. Time Switches are less common and are only seen in high-security areas like the Bandits' Lair and the dungeons of Daea.

Hi-Tech Switch Edit

This is the most complex, rarest type of Switch, only found in the Phoenix Lab and in some secret areas. Unlike other Switches, Hi-Tech Switches are embedded into walls rather than just jutting out from them like a normal Switch. They can also only be activated by shining the Artifact's beam on them.