Sunflower Road is the road connecting Panselo and Atai Bridge. Gale passes through this area to get to Atai. It is named for the giant sunflowers that grow there, and is somewhat infamous for the swarms of Bull Bees that are attracted to the flowers. In the middle of the area is Honey Labs Inn, a building owned by Hachi the bee researcher that serves as both a research center and a hotel. The sunflowers around the inn have been cut down to keep the Bull Bees away.

Gale is able to unlock Lilac Honey, which boosts stamina for a whopping 8 minutes, in this area by retrieving a Purple Honeycomb from the east side of Sunflower Road and bringing it to Hachi. He'll use the Purple Honeycomb to create Lilac Honey and put it up for sale; he'll also give you one jar of Lilac Honey for free as a reward for helping him out.


  • Name: Sunflower Road
  • West of: Panselo
  • East of: Atai Bridge
  • Danger Level: Medium

Featured Enemies Edit