Sunflower Road is the road connecting Panselo and Atai Bridge. Many sunflowers grow on it. In the middle of it is a farm connected to the "laboratory" Hachi.

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The location is maintained in green and yellow colors. In the foreground we have tall sunflowers with straight stems and large leaves on which we can jump.Many spiders hang from many leaves, which are worth watching because they often appear by surprise. Nine caterpillars crawl down below. But the unique opponent is a neutral bee flying almost everywhere in the location. In the background you can see many non-mature sunflowers with yellow-orange buds and grass. At the beginning of the location there are 2 signs that we do not climb the sunflowers and the high instinct of a bee swarm. Sunflower Road is divided into three zones: East (from Panselo), West (from Atai Bridge) and Honey Laboratory.

The laboratory is a fairly large building with a small lake in front of it, which has a plate with the inscription that you can drink but not swim anymore. All the sunflowers have been cut out around the building so that the bees do not run out, which is what the NPC says on the roof. The interior of the house has a structure like our house in Panselo, but with other furniture, including pots on the floor or ladders leading to the upper floor. In the middle of the house is Hachi - NPC in a turban with blue hair, from which we can buy honey increasing our speed and Honeyed Tumond. Hachi can take honeycombs for which we will get the money. Slices can be found on the leaves. You can also take her purple honeycomb, so that it will create a purple-colored jar that will be available for purchase. At the bottom, we can find Hachiko, who says she wanted to have some protection from the bees because they could lift her whole. Next to her stands a housewife who offers you accommodation for 5 Rai. There is a woman in the room with the beds. On the roof, we can also find Gill before we get to Atai City.

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