The Stellanites are a race of aliens that evolved from humans who took to space after the Great War. They are a stable community among the Free Space Confederacy, one of the two big powers in the galaxy. The main stellanite that can be met in the game is Billy, one of their leaders.

Description Edit

Anatomy Edit

The Stellanites seem to have an anatomy similar to humans’, though they often become taller. Their skin is paler, with a blue tone, their hair is dark-blue and their ears are pointy and bigger than humans’. They can speak the language of earthlings and can breathe in the Earth’s surface as well.

Technology Edit

Stellanites seem to be highly advanced technologically, as seen by the non-conventional guns and armor their soldiers carry, their warping powers and telecommunication system through golems more advanced that the ones found on Earth.

Political issues

The Stellanites belong to the Free Space Confederacy, a galactic power. Its rival is the Galactic Federation, with which the relationships are starting to turn tense. Billy, a respected Stellanite, wants to get the Phoenix Weapons in order to beat the Galactic Federation once and for all.

Events of Phoenotopia Edit

At the beginning of the game, the Stellanites send four golems to the Earth in order to gather the pieces of the Key Artifact, essential to access the vault where the Phoenixes are sealed. Billy’s is the one that lasts longer to accomplish the mission, as it is destroyed once it crashes on the ground and Billy is unable to speak through it until Thomas fixes it. Joined by Gale, he manages to get the Artifact Shard and reunites with the other golems in the Ancient’s Crater. There, they assemble the Artifact and leave it to Gale. After Gale beats the Big Eye computer, Billy warps to where Gale and the Phoenixes are. More Stellanites join them and open a Phoenix pod. After Gale refuses to cooperate further, Billy commands one of his soldiers to shoot her. When 66 begins chasing the girl, Kobolds arrive to the storage and the Stellanites beat them. After this, they discuss about the plans to repel the Galactic Federation.

Stellanites in the game Edit

  • Billy
  • Jake
  • Coby
  • Audrey
  • Billy’s assistant
  • Stellanite soldiers

Trivia Edit

  • The word “Stellanite” is a mixture between “stellar” -related to stars- and “selenite” -mineral associated with the moon, also used to name fictitious moon inhabitants.
  • As seen in the previous section, the Stellanites seem to have regular human names.
  • Two stellanite golems were destroyed except for their head in the game: Billy’s and Coby’s.
  • The Panselo villager Stan states that he has ‘seen a lot of shooting stars lately’ at the beginning of the game. These stars might be the golems sent to Earth by the Stellanites.