Slimes (or Gummies in Phoenotopia Awakening) are the weakest enemies in the entire game, being one of few enemies that can be instantly killed by the slingshot. They're seen in various locations of the game, mainly in forested areas like Duri Forest and Misty Gorge.

A horde of Slimes can be found at the Crossroads Inn, hanging out at the treehouse next to the inn. If you defeat all the Slimes in that area, you will be rewarded by one of the NPCs in the inn and receive an achievement called "Slime Exterminator."

Phoenotopia Awakening introduces a stronger, more dangerous version of this enemy, known as a Slargummy.

Phoenotopia Edit

When you first encounter a Slime, it'll be in the form of a puddle on the floor or ceiling. When Gale gets close to a Slime, it'll wake up, fall to the ground if it isn't already there, and look around for a bit before chasing after Gale for a few seconds. All you have to do is whack it with your weapon when it gets close enough.


Damage Report Edit

Contact: 3 Damage

Ramming: 3 Damage

Phoenotopia Awakening Edit

Gummy Edit

Slimes return in the remake, now known as Gummies and more aggressive towards Gale. Once a Gummy notices Gale, it'll chase after her nonstop (although it moves pretty slowly, so it's still not much of a threat). When a Gummy catches up to Gale, it can whip her with its tentacle.

Slargummy Edit

In this game, the Gummies also have a more dangerous counterpart, the Slargummy. This enemy is a giant slime that was created by several normal Gummies that fused together, and is way more aggressive. The Slargummy moves very slowly, but can attack by shooting slime balls at Gale. If Gale gets too close for too long, it can also shoot out spikes to push her away.

Additionally, a boss variant of the Slargummy also takes the place of the Monster Toad as the first boss of the game; the Monster Toad himself is now a secret boss in Anuri Temple.