Rai is the main currency of Castland, the nation where most of Phoenotopia takes place. It can be found all throughout the game, mainly by defeating enemies and smashing boxes or treasure chests. Some side quests also offer Rai as rewards. The symbol for the Rai is Rai.

There are three types of Rai:

  • Bronze coins , worth 1 Rai
  • Silver coins, worth 3 Rai
  • Gold coins, worth 5 Rai

Bronze Rai are the most common type and can always be seen dropped by defeated enemies or smashed containers. Silver Rai are less common and only sometimes spawn from enemies and boxes. Gold Rai are the rarest of all and can only be found in treasure chests.


  • The most expensive item in Phoenotopia is the Blood Ring, which costs 999 Rai.
  • The least expensive is a night's rest at the inn in the Hidden Village, which only costs 1 Rai.
  • In the main storyline, Gale must free Lisa from a 5000 Rai debt. The most that Gale can hold is 4999 so it is impossible to pay off the debt without following the main quest.