The moonstones or moon stones are collectibles in Phoenotopia. They appear as round rocks that can be found through the game, mostly hidden or in a traceback place. There is a total of 42 moonstones, and 35 of them are part of Fran’s quest.

Description Edit

Moonstones are round, gray, rough stones. They are slightly smaller than most consumable items found in the game. There is a counter in the game’s inventory that tells the number of moonstones found by the player. By the map, if the cursor is above a particular area, a moonstone blinks at the top left of the screen if there are stones to be found there.

History Edit

According to Fran, their ancestors discovered them a while after they appeared on the Earth’s surface. She says that they appeared all at once and had something that connected them. The research of this rocks led them to the creation of teleporters and helped them to advance quickly in technological aspects. As well as to their ancestors, the moonstones help Fran create a teleporter, which can do so if Gale delivers 30 moonstones to her.

Fran's rewards for each pack of 5 moonstones Edit

  1. Rai120 (?)
  2. Additional bag slot
  3. Rai150 (?)
  4. Heart Ruby
  5. Space Rock
  6. Rai200 (?)
  7. Heart Ruby

Locations Edit


Trivia Edit

  • Only 23 moonstones can be found before exiting the Great Walls. This implies that reaching the Hidden Village (30 moonstones needed) is not possible without coming back from the Dreadlands, which means deviating from the storyline.
  • Adar’s House, Thomas’ Lab, Fran’s Lab and Farmer’s Block are the only locations in the game that don't have any Moonstones. All four of these areas have the song ‘Home (Mr. Eldwin’s Penguins)’ playing in the background.
  • The moonstone quest was added after the main plotline of the game was finished. The primary reward is traveling through areas that were originally thought as the last ones of the game.
  • Only one moonstone can be found without any tools, which is the one found in the Panselo warehouse.