The Monster Toad (also known as Armored Toad King) is the first boss of Phoenotopia and an optional boss in Phoenotopia Awakening. As his name implies, he is a gigantic, monstrous toad. His body is almost entirely covered in stony armor and can only be attacked on his butt, the one area that isn't covered. He is encountered in Anuri Temple.


The Monster Toad is the first boss of this game. His battle is simple and easy, as he remains stationary for most of the battle and has simple attack patterns. The first thing he does is stomp the ground to trigger an earthquake that causes Duri Fruits (and sometimes Slimes) to fall from the ceiling. After that, he'll inhale all Duri Fruits on the ground and spit their seeds at Gale. To attack the Monster Toad, the player needs to use the Slingshot to launch a stone at the bunch of Duri Fruits hanging over him. This will cause a fruit to fall on the Monster Toad, prompting him to turn around. As long as he's turned around, Gale can attack his unarmored weak point. Eventually, the Monster Toad will recover and jump to the other side of the arena, resetting the cycle.

Phoenotopia Awakening

The Monster Toad is returning in this game and will very likely employ similar strategies. However, it is said that the player will be able to walk on his back this time around, so perhaps some aspects of the Monster Toad's battle will be different.

Additionally, the Monster Toad's battle is more difficult this time around, as such he is now a secret optional boss in Anuri Temple.