Mines are explosive robot enemies appearing in Phoenotopia and Phoenotopia Awakening. There are two types, and they both show up towards the end of the game.

Phoenotopia Edit

Flying Mine Edit

Flying Mines are the first type of mine the player will encounter. They first appear in the depths of the Daea dungeon, just before the secret entrance to the Prince's Tower. They're especially prominent in the Prince's Tower and the Phoenix Lab. They are stationary at first, usually situated on a small platform, but they'll take flight once Gale gets close enough to them. Once a Flying Mine takes flight, its internal timer starts ticking and it'll explode after a few seconds. Until then, the player should either run away or push the Flying Mine away using their melee weapon, the Slingshot, or the Javelin. The latter is especially easy if there are more than one Flying Mine, as you will probably end up knocking one of them into another, causing them all to detonate prematurely.

Rollo Mine Edit

Rollo Mines are the second variety of mines. They first appear in the Dreadlands and are most prominent there. They return in the Phoenix Lab, but only as part of a gimmick where you must guide a Rollo Mine to an out-of-reach switch to open a door for you. Harpies can also grab Rollo Mines from offscreen and try to drop them on you.

Rollo Mines are hidden underground at first, but when Gale gets close enough they emerge and start to roll in Gale's general direction. They tend to appear in large numbers, but are really only dangerous when they catch you by surprise. It's worth noting that a Rollo Mine's explosion is much more powerful than a Flying Mine's.

Phoenotopia Awakening Edit

"Flying Mine" Edit

Flying Mines will return in Phoenotopia Awakening. Aside from new graphics and a new name, they will be pretty much the same as they were in the original game.

"Rollo Mine" Edit

Rollo Mines will also be returning in the remake, but with more than a new name and graphics. Rollo Mines will be much more dangerous in this game, as they can now emerge from ceilings as well as floors. Additionally, their explosions now send out shrapnel to increase the chance of landing a hit.