The following page shows the main story of Phoenotopia, without considering side-quests such as Fran's or Aella's.

Story Edit

Prologue: In the Beginning... Edit

A narration tells that a great war took place "centuries ago," (i.e. centuries before the events of the game) in which the Earth was nearly destroyed. Humanity was able to win the war thanks to their latest creation, a breed of genetically engineered supersoldiers called Phoenixes. Other participants of this war are not mentioned, though the image shown as this is said pictures a couple of giant-sized creatures -presumably aliens or robots- standing in an area full of burning and destroyed skyscrapers (which is believed to be Dread Lands). However, by the time the war was over, the world was rendered nearly uninhabitable.

In a bid for survival, some humans took shelter in underground vaults, hoping that the Earth would recover someday. Another group of humans, though, thought the Earth would never recover, so they went away in their spaceships to look for a new home among the stars (these humans eventually evolved into the technologically advanced Stellanites). The narration ends in a black screen with the words written "Since that ancient war, centuries have passed."

Chapter I: A Shooting Star? Edit

This chapter opens with Gale sleeping in a bed inside a dormitory, only to be woken up seconds later by a strange rumbling noise from outside. She exits the dormitory, where she finds Grandma Nana, the owner of the orphanage where Gale resides. Nana asks if Gale had a bad dream, then announces that she made pumpkin muffins and gives one to Gale. She then talks about her retirement and tells the girl to ‘consider her offer’ of leaving her in charge of the orphanage.

Climbing up the orphanage stairs leads to a chat with Kiter, who says he's on cook duty and tells Gale to look for the kids to dinner. After chatting with him a little more, Kiter reveals that he's making cooked toad legs for dinner, and gives Gale a cooked toad leg as a preview.

Gale goes to fetch the kids and encounters Clem, who tells her that Alex rounded up the kids and led them to the forest. Gale looks for her old wooden bat and heads to the woods.

In the forest, Gale finds the kids spread out, mostly in pairs. Some of them tell Gale that Alex went even deeper inside the woods. She finds him, Ella, and Shelby in front of a small chasm leading into some temple ruins, from where they can see their town, Panselo, in the distance. He asks her to jump the chasm and go look for the shooting star they were looking for, which Alex knew crashed in the ruins up ahead. He then gives Gale his slingshot, which she uses to operate far-away switches and stun enemies.

Gale goes through a set of small puzzles, two locked gates, and a fight against a giant toad, after which she finds the "shooting star" which is actually a golem’s head. She then brings it to Alex, but as they're talking, some more rumbling occurs, scaring the group. Then a spaceship appears over Panselo, shoots beams of light over the village, and leaves. In shock, Alex asks what happened. Then, a frightened Ella runs back to the orphanage, followed by the other kids, leaving Gale to head back to Panselo on her own. When she reaches the town. she finds the children in despair, wondering where the rest of the townspeople went. Alex and Gale round up the kids and bring them into the orphanage to try to organize them in order to keep the town standing after the catastrophe.

After everyone else is asleep, Gale shows the golem’s head to Alex, who suspects that its appearance is related to the giant spaceship that went over the village. Gale agrees to go look for answers the next morning by venturing outside of Panselo.

Chapter II: A Long Journey Ahead Edit

The next morning, Gale heads to Atai, crossing Sunflower Road and a destroyed Atai bridge. Upon entering Atai, she finds out that people are worried about the Desert Dragon Bandits, a gang of men that train Sand Dragons and use them to cause disasters in the region due to a grudge against the people of Atai, who hunt down and make delicacies out of Sand Dragons. One of the Bandits had been captured, but interrogation has achieved nothing, and the city mayor set a reward of 5000 rai to whoever catches the bandit boss. After this, Gale meets Lisa, a childhood friend, who is now indentured by the city's mayor for being in huge debt. After the denial of the mayor of setting Lisa free unless she pays him 5000 rai, Lisa informs Gale about the attractions of the city and the location of Adar’s house. Gale finds a potioner that sells a truth potion she calls the ‘Talkinator Juice’. Gale buys it and sneaks into the prison to give the captured bandit the juice. The bandit then reveals the location of the bandits' lair, and that it's impossible to get into the lair without explosives. Gale proceeds to Adar’s house, where she finds a cave in which Adar left some bombs. She takes them with her as she ventures into the abandoned buildings that house the bandits' lair. After reaching the deepest part of the lair, she encounters the Bandit Boss, who forces her to fight a fully grown Sand Dragon. After beating the dragon, Gale proceeds to apprehend the Bandit Boss and bring him to Atai.

After Gale brings the bandit boss to the jail, the soldiers imprison him and the mayor sets Lisa free since he knew that was what Gale had planned to do with the bounty. Lisa thanks with all her heart, insults her ex-boss, and returns to Panselo. There, Gale and Alex fill her in on the situation, so she suggests visiting Thomas in his lab near Daea. Since the bridge that connects Atai to the capital city is destroyed, she advises Gale to cross the Misty Gorge in order to reach the other side of the river.

Chapter III: Suspicious Activity Edit

At the Misty Gorge, Gale finds a shop full of gear and purchases a floaty donut that allows her to swim in the water, enabling her to cross the swamplands. After reaching the other side, she goes to Thomas’ lab, north of Daea, which is disguised as a tailor’s shop. There she encounters a security robot and is forced to dismantle it. Gale then finds Thomas and approaches him, but he doesn't recognize her and panics, thinking she's come to "silence" him. Gale calms him down by explaining who she is, after which Thomas remembers her being a childhood friend and allows her to explain her situation. She shows Thomas the golem head and asks him to fix it, and when he does, a voice calling itself Billy begins speaking from it. Billy claims he is speaking to them from the Earth’s orbit and wants to warn them that an alien army is coming to enslave Earth. He explains that he's on the humans' side and that he wants to help to prevent the catastrophe, but he needs an audience with the nation’s king to achieve something. This prompts the group to go to Daea, the capital city where the king resides.

At the king's palace, Thomas salutes the guards and asks for an audience. The soldiers immediately deny it, claiming that the palace is shut, so no audiences are possible. Thomas tries to convince them by boasting about his royal prestige as a scientist, without succeeding. After this, they go to rest at the city’s inn, but in the middle of the night, some guards break in and abduct Thomas, leaving the golem head behind. Billy uses it to alert Gale to Thomas's capture. When she gets to the prison to ask about Thomas, a soldier tells her that he cannot help, and that it would be better to have an audience with the king; she asks for one, but the guards do not grant it. A girl, seeing her anxiety, tells her to visit Ruby, who works in the sewers, to try to get to the prison through them. After asking several people where to find Ruby, Gale eventually finds her doing her job in the sewers. Ruby lets Gale in but warns her not to break anything; Gale then travels down the sewers and finds that they lead into the dungeon.

Gale travels through many prison cells, freeing many innocent people and soldiers, one of which tells her that Thomas is held in Jail block A. She finds the key and goes there, and is able to free him after battling some soldiers and a strange wolf-like alien. After the fight, Thomas angrily asks Billy why the alien was there when he said the alien menace hadn't arrived on Earth yet. Billy explains that the wolf alien was not part of the group he had mentioned; rather, it was a Kobold Mercenary who had been hired by someone else to invade Daea.

After that, one of the soldiers approaches Gale and introduces himself as Sir Max, a knight who'd sworn to protect the royal family but had been subdued by the Kobolds. He informs Gale that the tower the family lives in has been overrun by Kobolds and asks her to rescue the prince, who is held hostage in the tower. After Billy states that it is a matter of urgency, as he needs to speak to him, she agrees to rescue him.

Gale enters the prince tower through a secret passage in jail block A. She navigates up the tower, fighting her way through the Kobolds, their flying bombs, and the tower's booby traps. At the top of the tower, Gale finds herself face-to-face with the Kobold General, and defeats him after a tough battle. She then finds Prince Leo crying in his room, and tells him that she is there to rescue him. Leo is surprised and ashamed that his rescuer is a girl, possibly younger than him, but offers no resistance to her taking him to a safe place.

Back inside the prison, the soldiers and Thomas decide to hide the prince in Panselo, as it is far away from the capital and is a safe rural place with natural barriers. The chapter ends after Gale, Thomas, Max, and Leo reach Panselo by night.

Chapter IV: In Pursuit of the Phoenix Edit

The next day, Gale wakes up and encounters Thomas and Billy’s golem in the orphanage common room. They tell her to gather the adults in the village so Billy can explain what's going on.

She brings Alex, Max, Lisa, and Leo into the common room, and Billy starts explaining:

He tells the earthlings that he is a Stellanite, a race that belongs to one of the two main powers that govern the galaxy: the Free Space Confederacy. Unfortunately, their relationships with the other power, the Galactic Federation, are getting worse and tension grows between them. At some point the Stellanites had found out that the Earth didn't fit the Federation's technological standards, so the humans and resources on the planet are free for the taking and the Federation plans to do just that. This is the reason why spaceships have been seen abducting people all over Earth: they belong to the Collectors, a neutral race that collects endangered species for preservation. Thomas asks Billy if he can do anything to help, but he tells him that he is incapable of doing so because the Earth is Federation territory and trying to defend it would be proof of treason, which would spark a galactic war. Lisa then asks why he came at all if he cannot help Earth, and Billy answers that he knows a way the humans can defend Earth themselves: by recovering the Phoenix Weapons, buried in the northern part of the country. Leo is shocked by this, as he was told that the Phoenix Weapons were a top-secret subject, so he interrogates Billy as to how he knew about the Phoenix Weapons. Billy says that he understands his suspicions, but he can assure them that he is only interested in the fate of Earth. He then shows a hologram of himself: a tall, human-like figure with bluish skin and pointy ears. He proceeds to tell the story of the war that destroyed Earth, and how some humans decided to stay in the planet and others decided to leave. Billy reveals that he is a descendant of those who chose to leave. He repeats that he is worried about their common ancestors’ planet and that is why he wants to help. Leo stops doubting him, apologizes for it, and offers his key to the forbidden lands, which, united with the ones from the other nations, can grant access to the lab where the Phoenixes are stored. He passes the artifact shard to Gale, and Max goes to the Great walls to inform the guards there that Gale will be allowed to cross the door to the forbidden lands.

Gale goes to the Walls, and the guards recognize her and allow her to pass. She proceeds to the forbidden lands.

Gale carries on with her journey, crossing the ruined Dreadlands full of red-eyed skeleton-like robots, going through the Mul Cavern, full of fluorescent life and exploding bugs, and finally gets to the Ancient Crater, where the Phoenix Lab is located. After avoiding the first security barrier (mostly sentry towers and turrets), Gale reunites with other Stellanite golems, who give her the pieces to complete the Artifact, which Gale can use to disable the Ancient Sentry Towers, activate the high-tech doors in the Phoenix Lab, and reveal hidden platforms. One of the Stellanites warns Gale that the Phoenix storage room in the center of the lab is protected by a Computer Guardian which she will have to defeat.

Gale reaches the entrance to the lab and uses the Artifact to enter. Inside, she maneuvers through the lab's security defenses and fights off several strange mutant creatures on her way to the heart of the lab.

Eventually, she reaches a room with a huge cage filled with water. Billy tells her that the creature inside is Adam. Adam was a discovery made by their ancestors, a very well-preserved alien being whose DNA was used to create the Phoenix Weapons.

Gale continues onward, and soon runs into the Computer Guardian. Unable to get past it, she is forced to fight it.

After a grueling battle, Gale destroys the computer and goes ahead into the next room, which is full of Phoenix pods. With the Computer Guardian out of commission, Billy is able to reestablish communications with Gale through his golem head. He informs her that she succeeded in finding the Phoenixes. He then teleports himself into the room and hugs her. He says that he is thankful to her and calls some other stellanites to join him.

As the stellanites try to open a pod, Billy explains to Gale that the Phoenixes are really powerful but not dangerous, as they are made to obey the owner of a key that is in his possession. This key was kept in Billy’s family for generations, and when Billy got it, he felt that he was the one who would come to Earth's aid.

The stellanites succeed in opening a pod. Gale and Billy come over to take a look. A humanoid lies inside the opened pod. He wakes up, and Billy commands him to obey. The Phoenix liberates an immense amount of energy and replies, declaring that he is Unit 0066 and that he is ready for Billy's first command. Billy then laughs victoriously. He announces that finally he will be able to destroy the Galactic Federation with the help of the Phoenixes. Horrified by this, Gale argues that this was not what they agreed upon, and Billy replies that she is correct, as he had bent the truth back in Panselo. He explains that he couldn't tell the whole truth with Leo and Thomas scrutinizing him, as he felt they wouldn't understand the severity of this "destroy or be destroyed" situation.

As the Stellanites continue to open more pods, Gale confronts Billy and asserts that she won't let Billy get away with his scheme. Billy resolves to destroy her; he orders one of his soldiers to shoot Gale, and she falls down a pit and lands on the floor wounded. After Billy says goodbye and promises to tell her story to everyone in a dramatic and biased way, he orders Phoenix 66 to kill her. Gale stands up, but 66 blasts her with an incredibly powerful beam of energy, even vaporizing the iron wall behind her.

Billy laughs maliciously, presuming Gale to be dead. But suddenly, Gale emerges from the hole, flying and surrounded by an aura of energy, and punches 66, knocking him into the wall. A Stellanite reports that Gale is emitting a massive energy reading identical to that of a Phoenix, after which Billy commands 66 to get up. Gale tries to use an energy attack on 66, but fails due to her not knowing how to use her powers. Billy orders 66 to finish the job, so Gale runs away through the hole that the Phoenix made. At this time, Kobolds had traced the warp signal produced by the Stellanites’ teleportation and proceeded to attack them. A Stellanite announces that the Kobolds have arrived, and Billy orders his soldiers to return fire.

Meanwhile, Gale tries to outrun 66 by closing doors behind her as she runs down the corridors to slow him down, and eventually she makes it out of the lab. However, 66 catches up to her; with nowhere to run, Gale pulls out her bat and prepares to fight while he charges up another energy attack. But then, a Collector ship comes out of nowhere and captures both of them in a tractor beam.

Epilogue: The End? Edit

Billy, along with all the Stellanites who survived the skirmish with the Kobolds, is seen walking through their area where Gale and 66 had been abducted. The ground is littered with Kobold corpses. A Stellanite informs Billy that Gale and 66 were caught by the Collector Ship. Billy shrugs it off, as Gale will be trapped forever there and 66 was only one of hundreds of other Phoenixes still at his command. Another Stellanite tells Billy that the Galactic Federation's harvest ships are on their way to Earth, and advises Billy to activate more Phoenixes to prepare a counterattack. Billy does not take the advice, as he believes it is better that the harvesters spread terror through the lands, and after that, he shall make his appearance as a savior leading the Phoenixes. This way, everyone will see him as a hero and beg him to become their leader. Billy then laughs evilly at the thought of his idea.

The Collectors comment on their latest catch. They see 66 still struggling to stay awake, so they hit him with a suspension beam to knock him out. They're happy with themselves for catching 66, as they can see that he is special. They don't see the unconscious Gale as anything special, though, so they decide to "toss her with the others." She is dropped in a metal cage, where there happens to be Mika, Ruth and Kiter...

Notes Edit

  • It is not compulsory to talk to Grandma Nana, though the game suggests the player to do so (Nana is the first NPC encountered, and the game shows an 'X' key symbol on the screen when approached). Also, Nana talks about her retirement the second time the player talks to her.
  • In Chapter II, the player can first talk to the imprisoned bandit and then go find Lisa. The order chosen here of these events is only for narrative reasons.
  • A scene where Lisa insults her ex-boss, the Mayor of Atai, can be seen if the player enters the palace and reaches the Mayor immediately after talking to Lisa when setting her free. If the player talks to the Mayor after this scene has taken place, the Mayor will dismiss Lisa's insults and scoff at her.
  • If Aella is rescued before the meeting with Billy in Panselo, she will assist as well by herself.

Trivia Edit

  • At first, the game was meant to be a parody of the "pauper saves the princess" formula, with the gender roles exchanged. Though this happens in the finished game, it does not cover the main plot.
  • Originally, there was a stronger theme about seeking lost brothers and sisters in the game's plot.
    • This theme still exists in the game but is greatly mitigated; in the first chapter of the game, Gale is sent to collect her siblings and bring them back to the orphanage for dinner, where the original idea was to have Gale search for lost siblings throughout the entire game.
  • At the meeting with Billy, Felix also assists, furtively. He gets scared by Billy's apparition, which he confesses to Gale later.

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