The following is a list of the different enemies found in the game.

Phoenotopia 1 Edit

Normal Enemies (Debuting in the Original Flash Game) Edit

Enemy's name Picture Description
Slime TBA Very simple enemy.  Hangs on the ceiling until Gale passes under, then drops down and slowly crawls after her, stopping every once in a while.  Can be killed in one hit by any weapon, even the slingshot.
Toad TBA Will hop towads Gale when it notices her.  
Bat TBA Hangs on the ceiling until Gale gets close enough, then flies towards where she was when it noticed her.  Will continue to fly until it goes offscreen.
Scaber TBA Crawls very slowly across the floor or walls, but is indestructible.  Hitting it only makes it change direction.
Spider TBA Hangs from the ceiling.  When Gale passes under, it will try to bite her.
Bull Bee TBA Flies around the area in random patterns.  However, if Gale destroys one and there are others are onscreen, they will get angry and chase after her.
Baby Sand Dragon TBA Is able to attack by burrowing underground, curling up into a ball and rolling into Gale, and spitting sand.

Desert Bandits

  • Red Bandit
  • Blue Bandit
  • Red Bandit: Will chase after Gale and use his axe to deliver melee attacks.
  • Blue Bandit: Keeps his distance and throws multiple axes at Gale.
Phantom Prawn TBA Comes in large groups that appear at random times.  They fly from one side of the screen to the other.
Jumping Fish TBA Jumps out of the water and falls back down at regular intervals.
Spitting Fish TBA Same as the Jumping Fish, but can spit bubbles.

Daea Guards

  • Daea Lancer
  • Daea Archer
  • Guard Dog
  • Daea Lancer: Is able to use charge attacks with his lance.
  • Daea Archer: Can shoot arrows at a long distance.
  • Guard Dog: Same as a Toad, but after being hit once it gets mad and starts attacking more quickly.
Kobold Mercenary

Stationary enemy that fires three lasers in Gale's general direction.  Teleports to a new spot if attacked by Gale or if Gale is too close.

Rollo Mine TBA Pops out from underground when Gale is close enough, then rolls in Gale's general direction and explodes after a few seconds.
Flying Mine TBA Flies relentlessly after Gale and explodes after a few seconds.


  • Zombot
  • Scrapped Zombot
  • Cyberserker
  • Zombot: Chases after Gale; can attack by scratching and spitting acid.
  • Scrapped Zombot: Same as a normal Zombot but has no legs, so it can't move.
  • Cyberserker: Same as a normal Zombot, but can't spit acid, runs much faster, and can't be destroyed; hitting it enough times just causes it to shut down temporatily.
Cave Jelly TBA Not an aggressive enemy; will try to avoid Gale.  Can be killed in one hit with any weapon.

Cave Beetles

  • Yellow Beetle
  • Purple Beetle
  • Green Beetle
  • Yellow Beetle: Extremely aggressive and persistent. Can pursue Gale by running, jumping, flying, and swimming. Uses a long-ranged biting attack. Can spawn from Beetle Hives.
  • Purple Beetle: Same as the Yellow Beetle, but explodes when it dies.
  • Green Beetle: Same as the Purple Beetle, but also leaves behind acid puddles when it dies.
Beetle Hive TBA Spawns more Cave Beetle until it's destroyed.  A charged Spear or Bombs are effective at destroying it quickly.
Cave Toad TBA Same as a normal Toad but much faster and takes more hits to destroy.
Is able to attack by shooting needles, divebombing, and dropping Bomb-bots.
Arc TBA Is basicaly a Red Bandit and a Blue Bandit combined.
Plant Dog TBA Same as a Guard Dog but takes more hits, jumps more quickly, and can shoot projectiles out of the flower on its back.
Scrapper Sentry TBA Stationary enemy that fires laser bullets at Gale.
Scrapper Globe TBA Is suspended to a metal rod; generates electrified saw blades that run down the rod and roll across the ground.
Scrapper Drone TBA Same as a Laser Turret but is mobile and can fly after Gale.  Enough damage will cause it to fall to the ground.
Ancient Sentry Tower
Fires laser beams at Gale until she gets out of its firing range.  Only the Alien Artifact can destroy it.

Debuting in Phoenotopia Awakening, the Remake Edit

Enemy's name Picture Description
Dragon Snare
Dragon Snare
Will try to eat Gale if she gets too close to it. If Gale is eaten, she must attack it from the inside until it spits her out. Otherwise, the Dragon Snare will spit thorny grenades at Gale.
Next-Gen Daea Guards
  • Daea Spearman
  • Daea Bowman
Crossbow Guard
  • Daea Spearman: Attacks by using melee attacks, charge attacks, and throwing attacks with his spears.
  • Daea Bowman: Similar to the Daea Archer, but can fire more rapidly with better accuracy.
  • Wild Boar
  • Wild Piglet
  • Arboar
Wild Boar
Phoenotopia Boars
  • Wild Boar: Probably the same as the Guard Dog.
  • Wild Piglet: Probably the same as the Wild Boar, but weaker.
  • Arboar: Probably the same as the Plant Dog, but also able to attack with vine whips.
Very dangerous and agile enemy that can attack with its razor claws and sneak up on Gale using cloaking tech.
"Bit Bot" TBA Small, tank-like robot that rides along wall rails and shoots at Gale. Typically appears in small groups.
Next-Gen Cave Beetles
  • "Food Worker"
  • "Soldier Bug"
  • "Poison Bug"
Phoenotopia Bugs
  • "Food Worker": Not very aggressive but can bite Gale in self-defense
  • "Soldier Bug": Will jump at Gale and try to bite her
  • "Poison Bug": Is able to spit poison at Gale; will try to keep its distance and climb high above Gale where it can accurately shoot at her

Bosses Edit

Antagonists Edit