Phoenotopia has a total of 30 achievements that can be obtained throughout the game. Below is a list of these achievements and how to obtain them.


Bearer Of Bad News:
Description: Give Albert the bad news.
How to obtain: After freeing Lisa from the Mayor's service, head into the kitchen in Mayor's house to speak to a soldier named Albert. He will give you a love letter he had written for Lisa. Bring the letter to Lisa who's now in Panselo and get her rejection letter. Bring the letter back to Albert to get the achievement and a heart ruby.

Breaker Of Robots:
Description: Scrap a Big Robot.
How to obtain: Destroy the guardian robot in the basement in Thomas' lab.

Bully To Toads:
Description: Defeat the Armored Toad King.
How to obtain: Defeat the Armored Toad King in the Old Ruins in Duri Forest.

Enemy To Kobolds:
Description: Defeat the Mercenary General.
How to obtain: Kill the Kobold Mercenary General near the top of the Prince Tower.

Description: Rid a tree house of slimes.
How to obtain: At the inn at the crossroads, head inside and speak to the green haired girl who will tell you about the slimes invading her tree house. Head to the tree house to the east to see it infested with slimes. Kill all the slimes to get the achievement and return to the girl to recieve a monetary reward.

Harpy Backfire:
Description: Defeat a harpy with her own weapon.
How to obtain: In the Forgotten Forest, when a harpy flies up and disappears off screen, get your slingshot out and prepare to hit the bomb she carries. You will need to do this twice (depending if you hit her or not, but the final blow must be a prematurely detonated bomb she has).

It's Dangerous To Go Alone!:
Description: Obtain the wooden bat.
How to obtain: Get the wooden bat, your first weapon in Panselo.

Never Knew What Hit Him:
Description: Quickly drop a patrolling bandit unawares.
How to obtain: Knock out a moving bandit in one blow without alerting him. Use a charged hammer/mace attack him from behind. Does not count if the bandit is sleeping.

Never Waste Food:
Description: Eat 5 food items that are considered unsafe.
How to obtain: Eat a total of five food items that don’t look safe to eat. This includes: frog leg (raw), translucent meat, slime jelly, stale bread, and a random food.

Novice Moon Stone Hunter:
Description: Collect five moon stones.
How to obtain: Collect your first pack of moon stonest to get the achievement.

Robin Hood?:
Description: Steal from the mayor's treasury.
How to obtain: Sneak into the palace in Atai by using a javelin to enter a window on the second floor. Activate the switch on the right (use a slingshot) and steal the mayor’s goods.

Slayer Of Dragons:
Description: Defeat a fully grown Sand Dragon.
How to obtain: Defeat Bubbles the Sand Dragon at the Bandit's Lair.

A Connoisseur Of Fluffy Pillows:
Description: Sleep wherever it is possible to sleep.
How to obtain: Sleep in all of the beds that you can. This includes the bed in your house in Panselo Village, the inn at Sunflower Road, the inn at Atai City, the bed in Adar’s House, the inn at Misty Gorge, the bed below the save statue in a cave (bomb the floor and head left) in Misty Gorge, the deluxe room in Cross Roads inn, in the inn at Daea, the prince’s bed in Prince Tower, and the inn at Hidden Village.

Big Eater:
Description: Consume over 30 healing items.
How to obtain: Eat a total amount of 30 food items (honey or potions may or may not count)

Iron Skin:
Description: Increase Max Health to 40.
How to obtain: Gather enough Heart Rubies to reach a maximum health of 40.

Big Bag:
Description: Upgrade inventory to its max size.
How to obtain: Upgrade your adventure bag so that it has 10 slots in total. One of the upgrades can be given by Fran by collecting 10 moonstones. The other slots have to be bought in the shop in Atai city..

Experienced Moon Stone Hunter:
Description: Collect 20 moon stones.
How to obtain: Collect four packs of moon stones in total.

Most Dangerous Arsenal:
Description: Carry all the best equipment.
How to obtain: Have all of the items in the tool and misc. slots.

Property Destruction:
Description: Break over 100 boxes and crates.
How to obtain: Destroy at least 100 boxes or crates to get the achievement.

The End:
Description: Beat the game.
How to obtain: Succesfully escape from Phoenix 66 to beat the game.

Treasure Hunter:
Description: Collect over 1000 coins since the start of your journey.
How to obtain: Collect at least 1000 coins. This can be done by doing side quests and breaking treasure chests.

Diamond Skin:
Description: Increase Max Health to 99.
How to obtain: Collect all 23 rubies and drink 5 protein shakes to increase your HP to 99, the highest amount possible.

Description: Finish the game with zero deaths.
How to obtain: Complete the game without dying a single time.

Master Moon Stone Hunter:
Description: Collect 40 moon stones.
How to obtain: Collect your last pack of moon stones.

Speed Runner!:
Description: Finish the game in 64 minutes.
How to obtain: Complete the game under 64 minutes.

Last Song Of Earth:
Description: Secret Achievement.
How to obtain: First, you have to collect all 23 heart rubies and drink 5 protein shakes to max your health to 99. Then you have to collect all 42 moon stones and finally get the best gear in the game. Doing all three above will unlock a new area located to the south of Hidden Village marked with multiple question marks. Head there and climb all the way up with the help of javelin and the Artifact. Once you reach the top, blow the boulder with bombs and enter the newly opened area to get the achievement.

Good Friend:
Description: Secret Achievement.
How to obtain: Head to Cross Roads and find an orange haired girl on the second floor next to a blue haired woman. You need to recover her memory by bringing her items that she recalls in her past. These items are the Duri Fruit, the Chocolate Protein Shake, and the Green Bracelet. Once you bring her these items, she’ll remember who she is. She’ll also give you the Ki Spear Technique Scroll. After the meeting with the adults in Panselo, talk to her for a free chocolate protein shake.

Number 42:
Description: Secret Achievement.
How to obtain: Collect all 42 moon stones.

Description: Secret Achievement.
How to obtain: In Cross Roads, break the piggybank in the room where the elder is. Get out of the room, enter again and give her a Gold Bar.

Description: Secret Achievement
How to obtain: After delivering 30 moon stones to Fran, enter her lab and use the teleporter which will teleport you to the Forgotten Forest. Navigate through this long and complex area and after you reach the end, you'll unlock a new area called Hidden Village. Enter the Hidden Village to unlock the achievement.

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