The Ki Spear Technique Scroll is an item in Phoenotopia that grants extra power to the Javelin and allows Gale to charge it so it can generate explosions of Ki energy. It is given to Gale by Aella after her memory is completely restored and then becomes available as a shop item in the Panselo dojo.

A charged Javelin acts similar to Bombs, being able to damage enemies and objects, though with the benefit of not damaging Gale herself as Bombs do. Charged Javelins will detonate either manually by pressing the Tool key again or automatically on contact with enemies. A charged Javelin that strikes a wall will slowly lose its charge and revert to a normal Javelin after about three seconds.


  • Although the Ki Spear Technique Scroll becomes a purchasable item in the Panselo dojo, its appearance there is redundant because Aella already gives it to you for free after restoring her memory.
  • In an earlier build of Phoenotopia, this item was called the "Scroll of Force."
    Scroll of Force