Hidden Village is a small, secluded village located deep within Forgotten Forest. It can be accessed after completing the Forgotten Forest, which in turn can only be accessed by obtaining 30 Moonstones and giving them to Fran, who will then use them to activate a teleporter that leads to Forgotten Forest. It contains buildings that look quite similar to the ones in Panselo, and is inhabited by a tribe of friendly Arcs and Harpies who, unlike the rest of the Arcs and Harpies, are peaceful towards humans. They are also strong followers of Arc culture, living together in one gigantic house as all Arcs (and Harpies) are family.

After gaining access to Forgotten Forest, Fran and her team make their way to the village and befriend the Arcs and Harpies living there. Later, Gale arrives at the village after making it through the Forgotten Forest, and is also welcomed by the tribe. Aside from interacting with the Arc and Harpy NPCs and taking a few side quests, Gale is also able to purchase some very powerful items from the village's shop, including the Blood Ring and Bottles of Glowy Wisps.