A Heart Ruby is a collectible item in Phoenotopia. When found, Gale holds it over her head and a text shows ‘you found a Heart Ruby. your heart beats a little more rigorously’. Afterwards, the player’s health’s maximum becomes 3 HP higher and it recovers completely. There are 23 of them through the game.

Description Edit

A Heart Ruby is shaped as a red-coloured heart with carved edges and it is roughly bigger than a regular consumable item. When hitting the floor it produces a resonant crystal sound. Its nature is not clear in the game, as it behaves like a regular object, except when grabbed by Gale. Places where they can be found vary in nature and in some cases, they can be heavily secured. They can also appear after defeating a boss, after which they fall from above.

Locations Edit

  1. Kiter’s dormitory
  2. Dojo
  3. An old room in the Ruins
  4. After defeating the Behemoth Frog
  5. Hachiko has one in Sunflower Road
  6. The eastern side of Atai Bridge
  7. Albert has one
  8. Encoded room in Bandits’ Lair
  9. Building between Bandits’ Lair and Atai
  10. After defeating Bubbles
  11. Over a flower’s leaf in the Misty Gorge
  12. Crossroads’ storehouse
  13. Daea’s bar’s storehouse
  14. One of section A’s cells in the jail.
  15. After defeating the Kobold General
  16. The tower next to the prince’s.
  17. Fran gives you one in her lab
  18. A secret room in the Walls
  19. An ancient vault in the Dreadlands
  20. A small cave in Mul Cavern, left from the save spot inside the caves
  21. Fran gives you another one in the Hidden Village


Trivia Edit

  • Heart Rubies were originally called ‘Heart Gems’ and were silver-coloured with an ornament strapped around.
  • No heart rubies are to be found without tools.
  • Places without Heart Rubies: Adar's House, Thomas' Lab, Farmer's Block, Forgotten Forest and Ancient's Crater.

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