Harpies are a very dangerous enemy seen in Phoenotopia and Phoenotopia Awakening. They're one of the breeds of mutant supersoldiers that were created during the Great War as a prototype for the Phoenix weapons; as such, they are extremely powerful and difficult to fight.

Phoenotopia Edit

Harpies are very rare in Phoenotopia. They only appear as regular enemies in the Forgotten Forest, and one appears as a miniboss in the Phoenix Lab. They have very high health and a variety of dangerous attacks. One such attack is where they shoot needles from their feathers. Another attack they can use is divebombing, which can do heavy damage but can be easily dodged if Gale is moving or jumps as the Harpy comes down. You might also have a chance to attack the Harpy with your melee weapon when it comes at you. Harpies can also fly offscreen and then come back carrying a Rollo Mine, which they will try to drop onto you. This attack can actually be used to kill a Harpy instantly; if you have good aim and are quick with the Slingshot, you can shoot the Rollo Mine and make it explode on the Harpy, which will do heavy damage to the Harpy if not kill it instantly. You can actually earn an achievement for killing a Harpy this way.

Damage Report Edit

  • Contact Damage: 8 damage
  • Divebomb: 12 damage
  • Mine Drop: 15 damage
  • Needle Shots: 8 damage

NPCs Edit

In the Forgotten Forest Village, some friendly Harpies appear as NPCs that Gale can interact with. Some will be suspicious of her due to her being (mostly) human, while others will take a liking to her for various reasons (like her pink hair that matches their feathers, or just their gentle nature in general).

Phoenotopia Awakening Edit

In Phoenotopia Awakening, Harpies are relatively unchanged, save for their appearance, but their attacks are modified to some extent. The spreadshot needle attack is pretty much the same, but this time around Harpies carry scythes that allow them to deliver a variety of melee attacks as they divebomb Gale. And when they fly off to grab something to drop on Gale, they don't always use Rollo Mines; this time, they might also bring in rocks or crates.

Project P-356 Harpy Fight

Project P-356 Harpy Fight

NPCs Edit

The remake will very likely feature NPC Harpies as well.