Gale is the main protagonist of Phoenotopia, its remake Phoenotopia Awakening, and, presumably, the upcoming sequel Phoenotopia II.


Gale is a pink-haired young girl from the village of Panselo. She's an orphan who lives in the orphanage in the village and has a brother named Kiter. Gale is known to be an adept fighter and is capable of using the power of ki, which allows her to land even more powerful attacks on her foes. However, according to Ernest, she's the worst swimmer in the village and is unable to swim without the proper equipment.

Events of PhoenotopiaEdit

See Main Story.

Trivia Edit

  • Gale's supposed mother is only mentioned by one character: Marie. She identifies her as Abigail and tells how Abigail brought Gale and Kiter to Panselo when they were little.
  • As said by the game's creator, through the game's development and due to Gale's first appearance, people thought she was a boy (citation needed).
    • This first appearance was eventually used as a sprite for Phoenix 66.
  • Gale's first official sprite had black hair and a red hairband[1].
    • This sprite was later used as a sprite for Lisa.
  • Before settling the Phoenix story, the creator spent a lot of time figuring out an explanation for Gale's great feats throughout the game, as was the Tri-Force power to Link from the Zelda series[2].

References Edit


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