Fran's Lab is a location in Phoenotopia and Phoenotopia Awakening. As its name implies, this lab is inhabited by Moonstone researcher Fran, along with her two colleagues Stan and Jan. It later serves as the Moonstone Hunters' headquarters as well.

If Gale rescued Fran back at Atai Bridge, she can visit Fran's Lab to deliver Moonstones to her. The lab also features several NPCs Gale can talk to, including Stan and Jan.

Additionally, the lab contains a teleporter which is defunct at first, but after giving Fran 30 Moonstones she will be able to reactivate it, after which she and her colleagues will use it to go to Hidden Village, where they stay until the end of the game. When Gale uses it, though, she is taken to Forgotten Forest and must traverse that area to get to Hidden Village. Afterwards, the teleporter will take her to Hidden Village as well.