Forgotten Forest is a location in Phoenotopia. It is a vast area that covers half of the northern Castaland which can be visited after delivering 30 moon stones to Fran. This is a bonus area and has no impact on the main story.


The Forgotten Forest is located in the northern part of the country and is initially inaccesable. The Forest is made of red maple trees and is primarily inhabited by Arcs, Harpies and Plantdogs. There are also signs of an ancient civilization as well and some of the structures are identical to the ones in Panselo, which indicates that humans used to inhabit this area centuries ago. Hidden Village is located at the end of the Forest.


  • Name: Forgotten Forest
  • East: Hidden Village
  • West: Ancient's Crater
  • South: Mul Caverns
  • Danger Level: Very High
  • Enemies:
    • Arcs
    • Harpies
    • Plantdogs

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