Fish are minor enemies seen in Phoenotopia. Obviously, they only appear in areas where there's plenty of water. As such, they are only seen in Misty Gorge, some parts of Duri Forest, and the sewer system/dungeons beneath Daea.


A Fish's position is indicated by a small patch of bubbles in the water; if Gale tries to swim past a Fish while it's underwater, it will slap her with its tail.

There are two varieties of this enemy, the first being the Jumping Fish. This yellow fish regularly jumps straight up out of the water and will passively damage Gale on contact. They can easily be avoided with good timing. They have low health and can generally be killed in two hits (one with the Cosmic Morningstar).

The second type is the Spitting Fish. This is a green fish that spits a water ball at Gale when it reaches the peak of its jump. Its aim is extremely accurate as the water ball quickly falls to where Gale was standing when it spat the ball. The player should try to hit Spitting Fish as they're leaping up to avoid getting hit by their water balls.


  • The game's files refer to these enemies as Koi, so it's possible that they are based on Koi fish.