Dread Lands is a location in Phoenotopia. It is a barren wasteland located in northern Castland, devoid of any life aside from some hostile robots, or "golems" as the Castlanders call them.


Before the Great War, Dread Lands (original name unknown) was a major city and was presumably the humans' capital. The city was razed to the ground during the war and after humans retreated to their underground bunkers, they abandoned the place to its fate which, unlike the rest of the country, could never recover from the war. Gale visits Dread Lands during Chapter IV after passing through the Great Walls.

In Phoenotopia Awakening, the Dread Lands appear to be some sort of abandoned military district rather than a normal city, so it could be that the city was also the site of a military base before the Great War.


  • Name: Dread Lands
  • North of: Mul Caverns
  • South of: Great Walls
  • Danger Level: High

Featured Enemies Edit

Table of rooms Edit

Name Number of doors Characters Things of game relevance
Outside 1 2 Dark Grey Golem 0
Outside 2 2 Bright Grey Golem, 2 Black Golems. 1
Outside 3 6
Abandoned Shelter 3 None 0
Sealed Room 1 Red Golem 0
Unsealed Room 1 None 0
Outside 4 4
Outside 5 None

Trivia Edit

  • The aforementioned 'Sealed Room' consists of two(?) beds with one skeleton each and a big crate at the corner. If the player gets closer to the crate, it will break, revealing a Red Zombot that immediately starts running towards Gale. The robot produces a particular noise which resembles a short scream. The atmosphere of the area creates a tension that makes this an effective jumpscare.