Dragon Snare

Dragon Snares are a dangerous enemy introduced in Phoenotopia Awakening. They are set to appear prominently in desert areas such as the outskirts of Atai and the Bandits' Lair. They may also appear in some forest and cave areas.

Dragon Snares are giant man-eating plants. They are normally hidden underground, with only a brightly-colored flower poking out of the ground to serve as a lure. If Gale gets too close to the flower, a vine will appear and try to whip Gale closer to the Dragon Snare's range, and then the Dragon Snare itself will emerge and try to swallow Gale. If it succeeds, it will chew on Gale for continuous damage. It's currently unknown if the Dragon Snare would release Gale after some time, or if she'd have to attack it from the inside to get it to spit her out. However, if Gale manages to not get caught by a Dragon Snare, it will start spitting thorn grenades at Gale to defend itself.