Dogs are enemies seen in Phoenotopia. They appear pretty late in the game and can be considered a step up from the Toads because they have similar attack patterns, except the Dogs are more aggressive and can walk around when not openly attacking Gale.

The first type of dog found in the game is the Guard Dog, which appears in the dungeons of Daea. Like most of the more advanced enemies in the game, Guard Dogs are seen roaming around at first, but as soon as they see Gale they'll start attacking. They attack by jumping towards Gale in a similar manner to the Toads. If Gale lands a hit on a Guard Dog, it will become enraged and start attacking more quickly. The Guard Dog stays like this until it's killed.

The Forgotten Forest features a much more dangerous dog enemy known as the Plant Dog. As its name implies, the Plant Dog is a curious hybrid between a Guard Dog and a plant. Not only does the Plant Dog deal more damage and have more HP, but it also has the ability to shoot projectiles from the flower on its back, making it insanely hard to kill without taking any damage.

In Phoenotopia Awakening, the dogs are replaced with a new class of enemies, the Boars.