Desert Bandits are enemies in Phoenotopia and its remake, Phoenotopia Awakening. They are the main antagonists of Chapter 2 of the game, in which Gale must infiltrate their hideout and subdue their leader in order to stop them from terrorizing Atai and to get the $5,000 bounty. Desert Bandits are only seen in the Bandits' Lair.

Phoenotopia Edit

The Desert Bandits are first mentioned by some travellers at the Atai Bridge, who report that the bridge was destroyed by some of the Bandits and their dragons. Their motives are revealed once Gale reaches Atai itself, where the citizens say that the Bandits are animal rights activists who want to protect the Sand Dragons from being turned into Sand Dragon Bacon by the people of Atai.

One of the Bandits was captured by Atai soldiers and imprisoned for questioning, but they couldn't get any info out of him. Gale, however, is able to interact with him and tricks him into spilling everything he knows by giving him a bottle of Talkinator Juice after he asks her for something to drink. This causes him to accidentally reveal the location of the Bandits' Lair and that it's impossible to get in without explosives. It's also possible to get a Moonstone from the imprisoned Bandit by giving him a comic book after he tells Gale how boring it is in the prison, after which the Bandit will give Gale the Moonstone as thanks.

As enemies, Desert Bandits are only seen inside the Bandits' Lair. There are two types, the Red Bandit and the Blue Bandit, both wielding axes. The Red Bandits will run up to Gale and try to hit her with melee attacks. The Blue Bandits will throw axes at Gale and will run away if she gets too close.

Phoenotopia Awakening Edit

In the remake, the Desert Bandits are now known as the Ouroboro Bandits, named after the mythical dragon Ouroboro which is a symbol of protection. Both the Red and Blue Bandits will have updated appearances and attacks. The Bandits will also play a larger role in the story, as there may be some NPC Bandits as well as extended interaction with the Boss Bandit.