Daea is a location in Phoenotopia. It's the capital of Castland and is located in the southern part of the country. Gale visits Daea with Thomas during Chapter III.

Events of PhoenotopiaEdit

Gale and Thomas visit Daea after she recruits him. When going to talk to the king, Thomas salutes the palace guards and asks for an audience. The soldiers immediately deny it, claiming that the palace is shut, so no audiences are possible. Thomas tries to convince them by boasting about his royal prestige as a scientist, without succeeding. After this, they go to rest at the city’s inn, but in the middle of the night, some guards enter Thomas’ bedroom and take him, leaving the golem head behind. Billy uses it to reach Gale’s bedroom and advise her that Thomas has been caught. When she gets to the prison, a soldier tells her that he cannot help, and that it would be better to have an audience with the king; she asks for one, but the guards do not grant it; a girl, seeing her anxiety, tells her to visit Ruby, who works in the sewers, to try to get to the prison through them. She finds her at her job, as she left the sewer entrance opened.

Gale travels through many prison cells, freeing a strange amount of innocent people and soldiers, one of which tells her that Thomas is held in Jail block B. She finds the key and goes there, and is able to free him after battling some soldiers and a strange wolf-like alien, that is identified by Billy as a member of the Kobolds, a legion of space bounty hunters here, she finds a soldier’s javelin, which she would then use to get to higher places.

After talking to Thomas, they meet sir Max, a knight that swore to protect the king but failed in doing so as he became imprisoned by these new foes. He asks Gale to rescue the prince, who is held hostage in his tower. After Billy states that it is a matter of urgency, as he needs to speak to him, she agrees to rescue him.

Gale enters the prince tower through a secret passage in jail block A. She climbs it, defeating Kobolds and their flying bombs. She is found face-to-face with the Kobold general, and after a tough battle, she defeats them. She then encounters prince Leo, crying in his room and tells him that she is there to rescue him. Leo gets surprised and disappointed of himself as his rescuer is a lass, possibly younger than him, but offers no resistance to her in taking him to a safe place.


  • Name: Majestic City of Daea
  • West of: Cross Roads
  • East of: Prince Tower
  • North of: Thomas's Lab
  • Notable NPCs:

Featured Enemies Edit

Table of Rooms Edit

Name Characters Doors Things of game relevance
City Entrance Greeter lass 4 Zophiel Statue
Guard's headquarters Guard soldier

Soldier lass

Sleeping soldier

2 None
Headquarters storage room None 1 Treasure chest
City Soldier lass

Scared-to-heights kid



Greeter lad

Pranking soldiers

Appreciation Flowers girls

Golem Hunter fans

Adult fan's wife

Golem Hunter toymaker

Worried soldier

A soldier's wife

A soldier's brother

Prince's suitor and her friend

New golems (2)

Soldier who watches the new golems

Excited kid

17 Entrances to Inn, Shop, Library and Blacksmith's Workshop;

Worried soldier gives you a Panselo Radish if you talk to him twice

Appreciation Flowers stand

First Residencial Area Tailor


Parrot's owner

3 Piggybank

Tailor trades High Quality silk

Blacksmith's Workshop Costumer



1 Leather Armor, Chainmail and Iron Hammer are sold here.

Space Rocks can be given to the apprentice so that the blacksmith can create the Morning Star

Library Librarian





1 Sushi Bento can be found

Historian answers questions about Castland's history

Bar Bartender

Iedas ambassadors

Dumped lad

Upset waitress

Drunk soldier

4 Ventilation shaft connects to the middle residential area
Intermediate Room None 2 Heart Ruby
Small Room None 2 Connects the bar with the secret ceiling passage
Secret Ceiling Passage None 2 Moonstone

Treasure Chest

Middle Residential Area Ruby

Orange-haired lad

Blue-haired lad

2 Moonstone

Ruby works at the sewers. The player will have to seek her eventually and talk to the orange-haired lad, who will tell the player that Ruby went to buy lunch.

Inn/ Shop Grandmother

Happy waiter


Gossiping soldiers

Souvenirs merchant

Golem Hunter fan kid

Lunchs customer

Lunchs merchant

6 Sold Golem Hunter Series II and red and blue Golem Action Figures.

Sold Daea Sandwich, Tempura Bento, Sushi Bento and (eventually) Mistery Bento.

Can rest here.

After talking to the lad in the middle residential area about Ruby, the lunchs merchant will tell you that she may be in the sewers already

Lower Dormitory Moneyless man and his son 1 None
Middle Dormitory None 1 Gale sleeps here if bought a room for resting and once during the story course (when Thomas is kidnapped)
Upper Dormitory Maid 2 The maid talks about Thomas being kidnapped right after it happened and suggests going to the jail.
Shop Kitchen Cook lass

Cook lad

2 Translucent Meat can be given to the cook lass for her to make the Mistery Bento.
Jail Main Entrance Soldiers (2) 2 After Thomas is kidnapped, the guard in charge tells you to ask for an audience with the king.

Door that leads to the jail cells opens from the inside.

Palace Entrance Woman


Entrance guards

1 Thomas goes to look for an audience here.

The kid tells you about ruby after you talk to the guard in the jail.

Sewer Entrance None 2 Entrance opens after talking to the lunchs merchant about Ruby.
Sewers Ruby (right after the sewer entrance is opened) 2 2 Moonstones
Jail Sewer Entrance None 2 None
Jail Sewer Hall 1 Slimes (2) 3 Door to the cells can be opened from the inside.
Jail Sewer Hall 2 Slimes (5)

Owl Bats (2)

2 Shaft to the door to the cells
Jail Main Room Archer guards (2)

Lancer guard

10 None
Jail Bathroom Dogs (2) 1 None
Jail Saving Spot None 1 Zophiel Statue


Jail D Entrance Lancer guard 2 Jail Key D
Jail D Hall Dog

Archer guard

5 None
Jail D Cells Prisoners (4) 4 The prisoner in D1 tells you about the breach in cell C4.

Stale Bread in D2

Jail C Entrance Lancer guard


2 Jail Key C.

4 synchronization buttons that help to get Jail Key C.

Trivia Edit

  • The female soldier in the guard's headquarters tells Gale about a secret admirer of hers that sent her a love letter. Next to the Appreciation Flowers stand, the player can find the true authors of this letter: two other soldier women, possibly friends of the first one, who are planning to write another one.
  • In the first residential building, Parrot's owner talks about her pet as it was a high-standard animal that only eats high quality food. This situation and the previous one are often confused with side-quests by the players (citation requested).
  • The traveler crossed the Misty Gorge and hints the player about the use of the Translucent Meat. The cook says that wants to cook with a new exciting ingredient, which fits the description given to the Translucent Meat in the inventory.
  • The bartender asks Gale 'Are you here for your pa? It's not nice to make a little one worry', suggesting that Gale may not be officially an adult yet. If the player talks to her again, she will ask 'Fancy a glass of milk?'.
  • In the bar, there are two characters sitting on a table, one of which mentions the name of another country: Iedas, from which they are ambassadors. According to the woman that says this to Gale, it is located east from Castland.