The Collectors are an alien faction from Phoenotopia, Phoenotopia Awakening, and the upcoming Phoenotopia II.


According to Billy, Collectors are a neutral faction that are known to collect species from different planets around the universe in order to preserve them. Collectors make their first appearance at the end of Chapter 1, when one of their motherships abducted the villagers of Panselo shortly after Gale retrieved the golem head from Anuri Temple. It is stated that their appearance suggests an incoming interplanetary invasion, thus their goal is to gather species from the Earth before its destruction.

The Collectors also show up at the very end of the game, during the chase between Gale and 66. Just as 66 had Gale cornered and was about to obliterate her, the Collectors came and hit both of them with a tractor beam, abducting the two Phoenixes. Once inside the ship, 66 and Gale were analyzed by the Collectors. Seeing that 66 was full of energy and managed not to be knocked unconscious by the tractor beam, the Collectors became excited and declared that their boss would give them a raise for his capture. They then turned their attention to Gale, determined that she didn't look like anything special, and dumped her into the room where they kept all their other human captives.