Cave Beetles are a group of dangerous enemies in Phoenotopia and Phoenotopia Awakening. They're only seen prominently in Mul Caverns, and they can be very difficult to fight because of their sheer aggressiveness, their ability to constantly pursue Gale, and their habit of attacking in large numbers.

Phoenotopia Edit

In Phoenotopia, there are three types of Cave Beetles, and they're all relatively identical aside from their color schemes and what they do when killed. All Cave Beetles are able to bite, jump, fly, and swim, making them very versatile foes. It's also worth noting that the Cave Beetles' bites can hurt Gale from a distance because of the force in their bites. They were supposed to be able to climb walls as well, but the developer didn't have the time or skills to implement that behavior when he was working on Phoenotopia. The Yellow Beetles do nothing when killed, but Purple Beetles explode when they die and Green Beetles leave behind pools of acid once they're killed.

Cave Beetles can also be spawned from Beetle Hives found throughout the caverns. The hives usually contain anywhere from 3 to 5 Cave Beetles, but you can destroy a hive and all the beetles inside using either a Bomb or a charged Javelin.

Phoenotopia Awakening Edit

Phoenotopia Bugs

Phoenotopia Awakening brings in a new set of Cave Beetles with different behaviors that aren't as aggressive. These Cave Beetles aren't able to fly (aside from the Flyers), but they can climb on walls and ceilings. The first (and most common) type, currently known as a "Food Worker," is a non-aggressive enemy and will only bite Gale in self-defense. However, the second type, the "Soldier Bug," is much more hostile; it will leap at Gale and actively try to bite her. The third variant, the "Poison Bug," will keep its distance from Gale and try to climb high above her so it can spit poison at her. The fourth species, the "Bomber Bug," carries volatile chemicals in its body and will chase after Gale for a few seconds before exploding. The fifth variety, the "Flyer Bug," resembles a mosquito and will dart at Gale in an attempt to stab her with its spear-like proboscis.

Phoenotopia Bugs 2

Addiditonally, the Beetles also have a leader in this game, currently known as the "Beetle Queen."

It is unknown if the Beetle Hives will return in this game.