Booby Traps are hazards seen in Phoenotopia and possibly returning in Phoenotopia Awakening. They are obstacles that appear in secure areas and activate traps when triggered.

Bells Edit

Bells are the most common type of Booby Trap in the game, appearing in various places such as the Bandits' Lair and Prince Tower. If Gale touches a bell, it'll ring, setting off a trap.

Golden Bell Edit

Golden Bells trigger arrow shooters when rung, causing arrows to be shot out from the wall.

Silver Bell Edit

Silver Bells, when rung, will cause whatever platform they're stationed on to drop out under Gale so she falls.

Lasers Edit

Lasers are similar to Bells, but only appear in high tech areas, i.e. the Phoenix Lab and some secret areas. Some Lasers will flash on and off, while others always remain on. When tripped, Lasers can set off various traps ranging from laser bullets being shot from the wall to enemies being summoned.