Atai is one of the major cities in Phoenotopia and Phoenotopia Awakening located in southern part of Castland. Gale visits this city during Chapter 2, looking for answers to the disappearance of her village's adults.

Atai is a fairly large city, though not nearly as large as some other cities further up north. The main square of Atai features a huge marketplace that consists of many shops, as well as some residential buildings and a prison outfitted with several watch towers. To the left of this main area is the gigantic mansion in which the city's greedy, wealthy mayor resides.

Atai also has a water well that contains a secret passage at the bottom which leads to a network of caves; within these caves the player can find several Heart Rubies and Moonstones, as well as the Nebula Armlet.

Events of PhoenotopiaEdit

The next morning after acquiring the Golem Head, Gale heads to Atai, crossing Sunflower Road and the destroyed Atai bridge. When entering Atai, she finds out that people are worried about the Desert Dragon Bandits, a gang of men that train Sand Dragons and use them to cause disasters in the region without a known purpose. One of the Bandits had been captured, but interrogation had achieved nothing, and the city mayor set a reward of 5000 rai to the one who catches the bandit boss. After this, she meets Lisa, a childhood friend, who is now indentured by the city mayor for being in huge debt. After the denial of the mayor of setting Lisa free unless she pays him 5000 rai, Lisa informs Gale about the attractions of the city and the location of Adar’s house. Gale finds a potioner that sells a truth potion she calls a ‘Talkinator Juice’. Gale buys it and secretly approaches the caught bandit’s cell, makes him drink the beverage, after which he reveals the location of the bandits’ lair, and that it’s no use trying to enter without explosives. Gale proceeds to Adar’s house, where she finds a cave in which Adar left some bombs. She keeps them and goes to the abandoned buildings where the bandit told her was their hideout, and proceeds to capture the bandit. After reaching the deepest part of the lair, she encounters the boss, who throws her to feed his fully grown sand dragon Bubbles. She beats him after a harsh fight and captures the bandit, who is amazed by the lass’ strength.

After Gale carries the bandit boss to the jail, the soldiers imprison him and the mayor sets Lisa free, as she technically won the 5000 rai. Lisa thanks with all her heart, insults her ex-boss and returns to Panselo. There, she hears the discussion between Gale and Alex about the lack of clues regarding the golem head, so she suggests visiting Thomas in his lab near Daea. As the bridge that connects Atai with the capital city is destroyed, she advises Gale to cross the Misty Gorge in order to reach the other side of the river.


  • Name: City of Atai, a.k.a. City of the Sands
  • West: Adar's House
  • East: Atai Bridge
  • South: Bandit's Lair
  • North: Misty Gorge
  • Danger Level: None (unless you count the hidden caves beneath the city)
  • Notable NPCs:

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Surface Edit

  • None

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Trivia Edit

  • Atai is Japanese for price or value. This is fitting because Atai is a city full of businesses and merchants.