Atai Bridge is a relatively short location seen in Phoenotopia and Phoenotopia Awakening. Gale can access this area after completing Sunflower Road. The bridge is meant to connect Atai to other areas in Castland, but it was attacked and heavily damaged by the Desert Bandits; because of this, the level is full of broken platforms, stone blocks, and bottomless pits that the player must navigate through.

Additionally, a scientist named Fran can be found towards the end of the bridge, trapped under a pile of stone blocks. Once the player obtains the Bombs, they can free Fran from the stones, allowing them to visit her lab later and give her Moonstones in exchange for rewards. This is entirely optional, though; aside from not being able to 100% the game, nothing bad will happen if the player chooses not to rescue Fran.

Atai Bridge (PHOA)