The Artifact (also called the Alien Artifact or Ancient Artifact) is one of the last tools Gale receives in Phoenotopia and Phoenotopia Awakening. She receives it from Prince Leo after defeating the Kobold General as thanks for rescuing him. At this point, the Artifact is just a crystal shard that can't be used, and Leo claims it's a family heirloom. Billy then explains that the shard is a piece of an artifact that can help Gale get into the Phoenix Lab. Later, once Gale has arrived at the Ancient Crater, Billy's Stellanite comrades encounter Gale, take the shard, and fuse it with some other pieces to build the complete Artifact for her. After this, Gale can use the Artifact to interact with the Phoenix Lab's ancient, advanced tech is various ways. The Artifact, when used, emits a beam of light that can be aimed in any direction and used to reveal invisible platforms, activate high-tech switches, and even combat some enemies. Scrapper Drones will deactivate and fall to the ground when hit with the beam, and Ancient Sentry Towers can be destroyed by the beam. The Artifact is also the Computer Guardian's weakness, as Gale must use it to trigger the computer's security switches and disable the armor protecting its core.