Arcs (or Orcs) are a powerful type of enemy seen in Phoenotopia and presumably its remake. They're one of the breeds of mutant supersoldiers that were created during the Great War as a prototype for the Phoenix weapons; as such, they are strong fighters and somewhat difficult to deal with.

Phoenotopia Edit

Arcs are among the rarest enemies in the game, appearing sparsely in the Phoenix Lab and as regular enemies in the Forgotten Forest. Attack-wise, Arcs combine the abilities of both the red and blue Desert Bandits. This means they can use charge attacks with their axes and throw them as well.

NPCs Edit

A tribe of peaceful Arcs resides in the Hidden Village, functioning as NPCs that Gale can interact with. Unlike the generic enemy Arcs, these ones are very docile and welcoming towards Gale, as they had previously been befriended by Fran and her team of researchers.

Phoenotopia Awakening Edit

Arcs will very likely return in the remake as both enemies and NPCs.

Trivia Edit

  • Originally, as stated by the game's creator, the Arcs were originally going to be the main antagonists of Phoenotopia, being led by one particularly brainy Arc. Obviously, the final product has come a long way since then.