Alex is a villager of Panselo and most of the time a leader to the children of the village. He is the second oldest person that stays in town after the adults' abduction, after Gale.

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Alex seems to be a natural leader, as according to Clem, 'He's always gathering the kids ant stirring up trouble'. He is also left in charge of the village after the adults were abducted, as Gale, the oldest of the remaining villagers, goes away on exploration. In chapters I, II and III, he is the one who speaks to Gale to establish the activities of the villagers and themselves. He is very energetic and sometimes childish, as he likes to mock Lisa, even after seeing her for the first time in several years. Despite this, he manages well as the leader of the village, so he can be found as unusually mature.

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At the beginning of the game, Alex is considered only as a messy child, as the quoted Clem's text states. However, after the abduction, he remains as the boss of the rest of the children. Even after Lisa's arrival, Alex seems to be the one in charge, as he is the main greeter to Max, Leo and Thomas at the end of chapter III. Only in chapter IV, its authority seems less important, as more adults stay in the village.