Adar the Bombmaker is a character seen in the very beginning of Phoenotopia. As his name implies, his occupation involves crafting explosive weapons. He originally lived in Atai, but once he started making bombs he had to find a new home further away from Atai as per the city's laws. This doesn't seem to bother him, though.

Adar is a very responsible weapon maker, as he is well-known for using his bombs mostly for good, such as coming to Panselo every now and then to give the kids a fireworks show. Additionally, he also takes care that no young ones get ahold of his bombs, as seen when Gale talks to him in Panselo, asking him for some bombs, to which he replies that she isn't of age yet (she actually is, but Adar still won't give in because he cares too much for her safety.).

Unfortunately, Adar was abducted by Collectors along with the rest of the Panselo adults while Gale was searching for her siblings in Duri Forest, but his bombs had been left at his house. Gale visits the abandoned house later, discovers Adar's bombs in a nearby cave, and decides to take them with her to help her break into the Desert Bandits' lair.

In Phoenotopia Awakening, though, the bombs are inside Adar's house, which is now locked from the inside. To get in, Gale needs to get the spare key from Garnet, Atai's local babysitter, in exchange for watching over Garnet's kids for a short while.