Adar's House is a location in Phoenotopia and Phoenotopia Awakening. It is the home of Adar the Bombmaker, located near the city Atai. Gale is able to go there after talking to Lisa and having her mark its location on the map.

As Adar himself has been abducted by the Collectors, his house is completely abandoned (aside from a few Perros wandering around the abode). The house contains little more than some crates and barrels filled with Rai, but a cave next to the house contains some of Adar's bombs, which Gale can obtain and use for herself for the rest of the game.

Additionally, there's also a secret area near Adar's house that can be accessed with the use of the Rocket Boots. With the Rocket Boots, the player is able to jump off of the roof of the house and hover to the left to find a ledge. On this ledge is a door leading to a small, high-tech lab which contains the Ancient Armor.

Adar's House (PHOA)