66, aka Phoenix 66 or Unit 0066 is the final boss of Phoenotopia.


Phoenix 66 is a humanoid with a brown skin and purple hair. He wears a white jumpsuit with no sleeves and short leggings. Also, there's a letter "T" on his shirt and a dark blue collar around his neck, which is most likely the device that allows him to be controlled by special keys like the one owned by Billy.


Phoenix 66 was one of the many phoenix weapons that were used during the Great War against the invaders. Like all the other phoenix weapons, he was originally a human being who was experimented on by human scientists and had his DNA spliced with that of the alien known as Adam, which turned him into a super soldier. After a centuries-long slumber, he was awakened by Billy, who had ambitions to annihilate the Galactic Federation and become the King of Earth.

Events of PhoenotopiaEdit

After destroying the Computer Guardian, Gale managed to access the Phoenix Lab where many Phoenix weapons were stored. Later Billy and his Stellanite soldiers teleported to Gale's location where Billy revealed his intentions of, with an army of Phoenixes under his command, annihilating the Galactic Federation and practically taking over the whole universe. When Gale objects to this, he has her shot by one of his soldiers. Seeing that she survived, he orders 66 to kill her. 66 summons a giant beam of ki and strikes Gale with it, which seemingly kills her and destroys the wall behind her. Gale, however, survives this and strikes back at 66, slamming him to the wall and temporarily knocking him out cold. As Gale was about to finish him off, she fails to summon the ki. Billy sees this and orders 66 to kill Gale once more. Seeing she won't be able to deal with 66, Gale tries to escape him by shutting the gates she passes which 66 destroys one by one. The chase ends in a dead end, where before 66 could finish Gale off, a Collector ship appears and abducts them both. As 66 is still conscious, some Collectors hit him with a suspension beam in order for him to stop fighting.