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• 7/7/2018

The wiki itself

Well, as we can see, the wiki has grown much bigger. And so alive. It has a community, but I did not contribute into it, sadly. It doesn't change I think that this wiki needs an administrator or a bureaucrat. I mean, it technically has. It's [[User:Umbreon The Serial Killer|Umbreon The Serial Killer]], but their last edit was made in 2015. There's no drama here, true, so why is that a problem? Well, this wiki still uses the default skin. It isn't super bad, but it can look a lot better. As I said, I've made barely any edits, so I cannot be an admin. This wiki needs someone active, who is able to play with CSS, write the rules down, et cetera. I know that [[User:Mr Moshu|Mr Moshu]] and [[User:Janik98|Janik98]] are rather active, but I don't know about other criteria. Please talk about that.
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Helpy Central
• 12/10/2018

I ate bacon

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