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• 7/7/2018

The wiki itself

Well, as we can see, the wiki has grown much bigger. And so alive. It has a community, but I did not contribute into it, sadly. It doesn't change I think that this wiki needs an administrator or a bureaucrat. I mean, it technically has. It's [[User:Umbreon The Serial Killer|Umbreon The Serial Killer]], but their last edit was made in 2015. There's no drama here, true, so why is that a problem? Well, this wiki still uses the default skin. It isn't super bad, but it can look a lot better. As I said, I've made barely any edits, so I cannot be an admin. This wiki needs someone active, who is able to play with CSS, write the rules down, et cetera. I know that [[User:Mr Moshu|Mr Moshu]] and [[User:Janik98|Janik98]] are rather active, but I don't know about other criteria. Please talk about that.
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• 12/9/2017

About Phoenotopia’s sequels

So I was contacting Quells (the creator) a while ago via PM on Reddit, and he replied that the sequels (both the second and remake) will not be released on Newgrounds like the first game, but will be released as a traditionally paid game.

So, what do you think?
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• 12/2/2016
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